d&b audiotechnik debuts NoizCalc 4.0 noise mitigation tool

d&b audiotechnik has launched its NizCalc 4.0 noise mitigation tool for outdoor events, designed for effective noise management within the live event industry.

Version 4.0 offers are a range of improvements including a new GUI and an improved workflow for a more accessible user experience.

Improved similarity and alignment with ArrayCalc and R1 remote control software is available, enabling users of those tools to find themselves in a familiar environment without a steep learning curve.

 NoizCalc uses system data from d&b ArrayCalc project files along with geodata from Google Mps and OpenStreetMap to calculate a grid noise map to accurately predict potential noise issues in the surrounding area.

The software allows users to identify potential noise issues at the design stage for proactive troubleshooting in advance of a production being set up.

 NoizCalc 4.0 imports system settings directly from d&b ArrayCalc, offering aa choice of international standards for its calculations including CNOSSOS-EU, ISO 9613-2 and Nord2000.

The software can model complex systems consisting of multiple d&b loudspeaker types, including line arrays, point sources, subwoofer arrays, fill and delay systems. System designers can also simulate adjustments to the way each element of a system is placed and powered to achieve results.

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