Datavideo launches new workstations at NAB 2019

Datavideo has released a selection of new workstations, including the HS-300 and HS-1300 and HS-1600T HDBaseT workstation.

The HS-3200 workstation features 12 inputs, capable of accepting a mix of resolutions up to 1080P 60. The workstation features a scaling processor on each input, multiple chromakeys and PiP configuration.

The HS-1300 features six inputs that accept resolutions up to 1080i60, as well as chromakeying and PiP options. The workstation  also features inputs in SDI and HDMI.

The HS-1600T HDBaseT workstation can power and control up to three PTZ cameras and features three HDBaseT inputs as well as an HDMI input with scaling processor for titles or an extra input coming for Skype integration.

Datavideo also launched its DAC-75T meeting room scaling processor, designed to be used in instances with users bringing their own devices that are connected to a screen or lecture capture system.

The unit converts HDMI, VGA and SDI into a variety of resolutions and frame rates of HDMI and SDI.

The DAC-75T also works in two modes: advanced and simplified.

Advanced mode allows users to set individual parameters regarding the output resolution, frame rate, audio pass through and port in use.

Simplified mode’s user interface allows for selection of inputs with a touch screen.

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