Datavideo launches new camera lineup at NAB 2019

Datavideo has expanded its camera range with the PTC-140T PTZ camera, BC-100 camera module and PTR-10 camera head.

The PTC0140T PTZ camera is a smaller version the PTC-150, providing 20x optical zoom and an HDBaseT interface on the back. This allows power, camera signal, tally signal and control data to travel over a distance of 70 metres through a CAT5E Ethernet cable.

The PTR-10 camera head was also released.

The BC-100 camera module uses a Mico Four Thirds lens mount, compatible with third third party lenses. The camera parameters can be controlled by a tablet or smartphone.

Datavideo also announced the ITC-300 intercom talkback system, featuring digital IP communication and cable lengths up to 200 metres, making the intercom routable over a standard network with CAT5E cabling and TCP/IP interfacing.  

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