Datavideo looks to small scale AV production market

Datavideo has announced the SE-650 HD 4-channel digital video switcher and HDR-1 H.264 USB recorder are ready to ship worldwide.

SE-650 is a four input standalone HD video switcher has two HD-SDI and two HDMI inputs, making it suitable for a small production. A feature of SE-650 is the built-in four channel audio mixer with microphone and RCA audio inputs. This is suitable for AV applications such as corporate meetings, presentations, and panel discussions. In addition to a built-in audio mixer, SE-650 has professional switcher features such as DSK, Chromakey, Lumakey, PIP, still store, and user memories.  Using SE-650 in conjunction with HDR-1 gives users an all-inclusive package for switching and recording a video production.

HDR-1 is a standalone H.264 USB recorder that records MP4 (H.264) video format files, which is suitable for archiving footage from a worship seminar, corporate meeting, school morning announcement, or a live concert.

The HDR-1 has a redundant power system (UPS) which will switch to power bank charging when main power is off (with power bank connected) and works independently of a PC.

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