Dataton Watchout 5.2 supports spatial interaction

Dataton will show off features from version 5.2 of its Watchout system, including spatial interaction and video integration capabilities, at ISE 2012.

The multi-display production and playback system is fully scalable, software based and does not require proprietary hardware.

It orchestrates still images, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds into a single show across multiple display areas, either soft-edge blended or scattered.

Version 5.2 integrates video streaming and devices such as network cameras to allow video to be accessed over a standard network solution.

It also offers the ability to interact with live components and assets of interactive media, such as Flash cross-platform, browser-based applications. Users can position, rotate and move all media objects in 3Dand interactively. Watchout understands various devices and external systems so users can connect sensors and control sources, such as iPads, to on-screen elements such as images, video and live feeds.

A built-in text editor allows last minute changes, or additions, in presentation text without the need for graphics software such as Photoshop.  

Version 5.2 also has a DMX learn function in version 5.2 that record a complete lighting show and play it back from a single cue in Watchout. 

It also offers 3D effects and stage preview to position and rotate all media objects, including motion paths and video fly through. Watchout incorporates seamless stereoscopic playback and support is offered for multi-head output cards so up to six displays can be driven off one display computer using a single Watchout license

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