Datapath launches iolite videowall controllers

Datapath has launched iolite, a range of discreet videowall controllers for small to medium scale walls.

The self-contained, compact iolite systems fit into retail, corporate reception and boardroom environments, offering low noise emissions and high levels of customisation and flexibility.

The iolite systems can be combined with up to six of Datapath’s Vision, decode and graphics cards to offer a blend of inputs, outputs and SQX IP streams. Videowall displays can be created using 4k or HD outputs, depending on application requirements.

The iolite can facilitate in-store digital advertising and remote catalogue for fashion, technology or fast food outlet applications. It can fit under a counter or behind a display space, and can be used for capture or local video playback. Furthermore, the system can decode and feed content to multiple locations simultaneously with SQX technology.

Similarly, professional reception areas featuring information screens, corporate advertising or welcome messaging will also benefit, as will boardrooms looking to implement advanced presentation and/or conferencing facilities. Multiple capture cards can be used to address collaboration requirements, while SQX IP technology can aid full scale video conferences with collaborative interaction.

Datapath iolite video display systems measure 176x250x320mm, feature six x8 PCIe Gen2 slots and increased slot spacing for reduced heat and power consumption.
Further features include onboard WiFi, eight USB ports, an Ethernet port, analogue audio ports and Windows Ultimate operating software, while options exist regarding the choice of processor and SSD.

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