Datapath intros iolite 200 and shows software developments

Datapath will unveil collaboration developments for its WallControl 10 software and showcase User Rights Management at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, USA.

At the exhibition, held June 14 to 16, the manufacturer will show how these developments allow application sharing between multiple user stations and walls. It can also give administrators the ability to allow only authorised personnel access to certain functionality, which is targeted at command and control or security environments. 

The booth will feature three sections: a control room video wall, a boardroom collaboration video wall, and a creative digital signage section.

Datapath’s command and control video wall will show the VSNMicro 600, part of Datapath’s VSN range of wall controllers. The controllers are designed for video wall and multi-screen display installations that require a balanced number of HD video captures and HD video outputs. 

A collaboration video wall will have demonstrations in a mock meeting room environment and will use Datapath’s iolite range of controllers, suited to small- to medium-scale video walls. The iolite targets retail, corporate reception and boardroom environments. 

Iolite 200 will be introduced at the show and displayed alongside iolite 600. Iolite 200 has the smallest form factor of the series and offers three 4k or 12 HD outputs. Both the boardroom collaboration and control room video walls will be powered by the company’s WallControl 10 software.

The section for digital signage will feature a creative ‘scatter’ wall driven by the company’s Fx4 display-wall controllers. It is designed for applications such as retail, prestige signage, live events and broadcasts and allows management of multiple inputs and outputs. Support comes from Datapath’s Wall Designer software.

Also on the booth will be a selection of the company’s video capture cards that provide a variety of high- or standard-definition capture capabilities, as well as audio in some models. 

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