Datapath introduces new control room features with Aetria update

Datapath has announced that it is adding additional functionality to its Aetria system, adding direct support to multi-videowalls via Aligo receivers.

These receivers are installed directly behind the videowall, with each receiver driving a single 4K screen or four HD screens. 

Content is displayed via Aligo walls on a source-per-screen basis, controlled using Aetria Command Centre or Aetria Workstation in the same way as videowalls driven by VSN controllers. This allows a combination of VSN and Aligo sources, alongside an AVoIP system KVM capability. 

Users can now access VSN sources further away without the use of third-party signal extension devices. 

A premium graphics package (PGP) is also available, providing improvded window capabilities to content such as cropping, borders, on-screen display and banners, now available on Aetria’s Workstation. 

Operators are able to quickly categorise and identify sources using borders, adding supplementary screen information via OSD overlays and creating custom banners for information display. 

An additional layer of information is provided to camera feeds, with the ability to activate emergency protocols when needed. 

Once PGP assets are created, all information is stored in a layout and can be re-used and shared across any workstation or videowall. 

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