Datapath boosts Quant with 3 new features

Datapath has added Chat, Meeting and Quant Curtain features to its Quant collaborative application sharing software.

The Chat function in Quant allows users to message one another about the application window shared and enables ongoing dialogue between uses.

Meeting function allows users to lock either their own desktop or a Quant controlled video wall to a selected set of users. In a video wall scenario, a meeting organiser can determine who can share to the wall for instant viewing and avoid accidental sharing from others. This also increases security within meetings for shared video streams.

Quant Curtain has updated features that are designed to deliver an easier and smoother navigation experience. A button in the curtain enables users to add or remove shared desktops quickly.  A favourites option prioritises the users most frequently interacted with, so that their desktops appear in the navigation curtain automatically.

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