Datapath announces new features for Aetria control system

Datapath has announced new functionalities and capabilities for its Aetria control system, introducing the Aligo TX100 transmitter and multi-head source support for the Arqa workstation.

Remote shutdown, reboot and power up features have also been introduced for Aetria wall controllers.

Aligo TX100 QuadHD/Single 4K AVoIP transmitter

The Aligo TX100 is a scalable transmitter which can ingest a single 4K source, or up t four indepdent HD sources for IP distribution to any suitable endpoint in an Aetria setup. Each source also features  dedicated USB connection for independent KVM control.

SQX technology also adds a simultaneous compressed stream for transmission across low-bandwidth networks, integration with third-party systems or archiving.

The Alig TX100 features a single 10Gb connection to the AV network to bring HD sources into Aetria, routing up to four independent HD sources over the 10Gb connection, reducing the cabling and switch ports as required.

Aetria updates

Support for the ActiveSQX2 IP encode/decode card is now available, providing capabilities for encoding content to h.264 or h.265. Encoded streams can be unicast or multicast across the Aetria network, then decoded for display and monitoring on configured videowalls and operator workstations. Streams can also be encrypted to provide improved security when encoding and transmitting content between endpoints.

Sources with multiple graphics outputs (multi-head) are now supported in Arqa workstation, offering access with full keyboard and mouse control. Multi-headed sources can also be displayed on Aetria wall controllers, either individually or collectively as part of a pre-configured window.

Videowall controllers connected to the Aetria system can also be shutdown, rebooted or started via wake-on-LAN from Aetria command centre.

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