Datapath adds failsafe features to Aetria control system

Datapath has confirmed that it has added developments to its Aetria control and management system for control rooms, improving system resiliency, scope for KVM control and mobile device control.

Aetria Workstation now supports direct monitoring and control of Arqa sources, integrating with Datapath’s Arqa AVoIP system to enable secure, hardware-based access to remote sources in Aetria.

Operators can access real-time control of sources by connecting an Arqa receiver to the capture card in the workstation PC.

Arqa sources are then made available for viewing and KVM control within the Aetria Workstation interface, with KVM switching handled automatically as the operator requests a specific source.

The designer component of Aetria also feature a built-in tutorial and example solution design for new users, with a virtual ‘server room’ location created to allow addition of any Aetria network managers and/or required source transmitters to the project design.

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