Dante-enabled press box APB-112 OW-D for system integrators

Nowadays it is more and more popular to design projects based on Dante-enabled products. AudioPressBox has decided to keep up with the latest technology and developed the first Dante-enabled press box in the world. It was revealed at ISE Amsterdam in 2017.

Since then we have released a new Dante-enabled press box every year. The positive feedback received from our partners and customers from all over the world exceeded our expectations. At the moment, AudioPressBox has the widest range of Dante-enabled press boxes in the world. Whether it is a portable or fixed installation press box, we have it all. 

The latest addition to the family was in 2019 with a release of two Dante-enabled press boxes. Since then we have received a lot of positive feedback for both of the latest additions the APB-112 OW-D, our Dante-enabled press box for system integrators and APB-112 SB-D for portable use.


Unique features of the APB-112 OW-D

The APB-112 OW-D is an active, 1-Input, 12-Outputs press box suitable for fixed installations. The input is Dante and the whole device is powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE), so there’s no additional connections required as the signal and power are transferred through one LAN cable. Just plug it into your Dante network with a PoE and you are ready for a press conference. 

Each output is balanced and individually transformer isolated and has a switchable output level between Mic and Line. The nominal Mic output level is -20dBu and nominal Line output level is +6dBu.  If you need more additional outputs or more output channels (e.g. for additional languages) you can simply add other APB-112 OW-Ds and set it up through the Dante Controller.

If the startup time of device is critical for you, our press box is the right choice because you can use it within the seconds after it being plugged into the Dante network. For ease of mind, there is also Output level indicator so that you can easily check the output signal level.

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APB-112 OW-D is a perfect fit for newly built or upgraded press conference rooms that are based on Dante. Its outstanding features, sophisticated and modern look offers all that you need for a successful press conference or project.

Find out more information about our Analog or Dante-enabled press boxes on www.audiopressbox.com

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