Danley expands weatherised speakers with OS-12CX

Danley has added the OS-12CX to its weatherised OS-80 & OS-90 loudspeakers and the OS-115 subwoofer.

The OS-12CX is built to withstand rain, heat, and freeze/thaw cycles. It uses Danley’s patented Synergy crossover design, Sentinel limiter protection circuitry and stainless steel mounting hardware.

It has a frequency response that is +/-3dB from as low as 69Hz to as high as 21.7kHz using a single 12-in coaxial driver. It is rated at 400W continuous and 1600W peak and is capable of delivering 121dB SPL continuous and 127dB SPL peak. Its measures approximately 76cm tall by 66cm wide by 28cm deep. The Danley Sound Labs Centinel Protection Circuit is on both high and low frequencies.

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