Dan Dugan updates auto mic mixers

Dan Dugan Sound Design updated the Dugan Model M and Dugan Model N automatic microphone mixers with additional internal mix buses.

Both are designed to work with standard audio mixing consoles. The Dugan Model M has MADI I/O, both optical and copper, and the Model N has Dante I/O, primary and secondary. Both models provide 32 channels of Dugan auto-mixing at 96K or 64 channels at 48K and are PoE capable. The Dugan Speech System, Music System, and Gain Limiting are all supported. In addition the M and N include a scene memory that can record and recall all operating settings, either globally or by unit, in a library of named scenes.

Updates to both units include the addition of six internal mix buses that can be sent to any outputs or which can be used as Music System threshold inputs. Mix bus matrix inputs include all processed channels and all unprocessed inputs.

The Dugan Model N’s Dante functionality now includes AES67 compatibility, device locking, and Dante Domain Manager compatibility.

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