Da-Lite screens optimized for Smart LightRaise interactive projectors

Da-Lite has announced a magnetic and erasable projection screen that is optimized for use with Smart LightRaise interactive projectors. The projectors are wall-mounted and have an ultra- short throw which can transform a dry-erase projection screen into an interactive surface without the need for additional hardware.

For optimal touch performance, the projection screens need to be flat and free from surface obstructions. The Da-Lite Idea screen has been optimized to comply with the recommended surface criteria for the LightRaise 60wi & 60wi2 interactive projectors specifically.

Additionally, the Da-Lite Idea Screen has also been uniquely designed to match the native 16:10 resolution of the projectors. Work has also been done by Da-Lite to reduce problems such as glare and hotspotting effects which are common when employing ultra-short throw projectors.

The Da-Lite screens and Smart LighRaise projectors are suited for use in classrooms and learning environments. Jenna Pipchuk, director program management education for Smart technologies, says regarding the collaboration: “The collaboration between SMART and Da-Lite has resulted in a tailor-made solution for our LightRaise interactive projectors, enabling students to focus on learning rather than technical barriers such as hotspots and glare.”

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