D-Tools releases SI 2016 R2 software

D-Tools has announced the release of the latest upgrade to its System Integrator software platform, SI 2016 R2.

D-Tools has updated the platform across areas of the software including catalogue, projects, system design, and reporting.

Changes include the ability to import from CSV files to projects to support adding and updating items, and field mapping and to lock items (to prevent editing or deletion) in projects. Users can also add options on which fields to update for matched products in downloads and include ‘Approved’ in the ‘Product Import’ and ‘Export’ field lists.

D-Tools have furthermore made it possible to view tasks and service order in lists for certain dates via its calendar and update ‘Tasks’ from both ‘Project Editor’ ‘Mobile Install.’

SI 2016 R2 is available as a free upgrade for integrators that are part of the D-Tools Software Assurance programme.

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