d&b audiotechnik unveils KSL System at NAMM 2019

d&b audiotechnik launched its latest addition to the SL-Series, the KSL system at NAMM 2019 in Anaheim, California.

The KSL system is designed as a ‘smaller brother’ follow on of the GL system, which launched in 2018.

The KSL System is comprised of the KSL8 loudspeaker, KSL12 loudspeaker, SL-Sub and SL-Gsub, employing a combination of techniques to achieve full bandwidth constant directivity pattern control.

The KSL8 and KSL12 loudspeaker line array modules feature two-way active design with forward and side firing low frequency drivers, with the drivers coupling towards the front, cancelling towards the rear and increasing low frequency headroom.

The driver features a hornloaded mid range as well as three high frequency drivers mounted to a waveshaping device.

Depending on climate conditions, the KSL8’s output capability can cover a distance range of over 100m with a constant directivity dispersion pattern of 80 degrees. The KSL12 has a wider horizontal dispersion pattern of 120 degrees. Both line array modules share the same vertical directivity, size, weight and driver complement, allowing up to 24 KSL loudspeakers to be flown in vertical columns.

The SL-Sub and SL-Gsub use three 21-in high excursion driver in the bass-reflex design, one of which radiates to the rear to avoid unwanted energy behind the system. The SL-Sub and SL-GSub extend the bandwidth of a KSL System to 30Hz and increases the system’s headroom.

The SL-Sub and SL-GSub can be deployed conventionally in left and right ground stacked setups or in distributed sub arrays depending on the venue.

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