d&b audiotechnik launches KSLi system at ISE 2020

d&b audiotechnik has unveiled its KSLi system at the show, comprised of the KSLi8/KSLi12 loudspeakers, the KSLi-SUB/KSLi-GSUB subwoofers and the newly launched 40D amplifier.

The KSLi8 and KSLi12 are acoustically identical to the mobile KSL system, featuring full-range broadband directivity control, extended low frequency response and high frequency resolution. 

The loudspeakers have 80 degrees and 120 degrees horizontal dispersion respectively, with two front-facing 10-in drivers and two side firing eight-in drivers, coupling to apply cardioid techniques. 

The KSLi SUB can be flown in an array (KSLi-SUB) or ground stacked (KSLi-GSUB). 

The 40D installation amplifier is a four-channel Class-D amplifier, with a 4.3-in colour display showing speaker settings, device status and other statistics. 

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