D.A.S. debuts Convert series at PL+S 2011

AUTHOR: Inavate

D.A.S. Audio has made ProLight + Sound 2011 the world wide debut of its Convert series of products.

The series comprises two models, the Convert 12A curved source array unit and the Convert 15A multi-function arrayable loudspeaker system. Both models are powered systems that have been designed to provide the user with ease-of-use and flexibility.

The Convert 15A features a systemm, which provides user-definable dispersion characteristics, allowing the system to be deployed as either a curved source array or used individually as a point source.

As the Convert name implies, the horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics of the system can be “converted”, to meet the specific requirements of almost any application. This is achieved using the proprietary Digitally Convertible Dispersion (DCD) pre-set which modifies the horizontal dispersion of the Convert 15A from 20º to 40º. Vertical dispersion can also be altered using a combination of dispersion panels and digital presets to achieve 60º, 75º asymmetrical or 90º degrees of coverage.

Remote monitoring is provided by way of the DASnet monitoring software.