Cue updates touchONE-assist

Cue has announced version 7.3.3 of its reservation application touchONE-assist.

Usually, the navigation is a part of the touchONE-assist, but this stand-alone app functions as a completely independent app for anonymous users. This makes the application suitable for visitors to complex buildings, in which one can be for the very first time. The goal is to guide the given person to the desired location within a short time without any setting or registration.
To get started, just use the pre-sent link or scan the nearest QR code. Both options drop the user right into the app's interface and the navigation can begin.

A link to the resource where the meeting is being held can be added to the event body. For the recipient, this is a very convenient way to start and use the navigation effectively.

Anonymous users can use a link to touchONE-navigation, and registered users can use a link to touchONE-assist. Link starts the application and offers a screen for loading the QR code, which defines the user's current location - from there it continues to the desired destination.

Another new feature is the navigation to POI categories, this introduces the ability to navigate to many Point Of Interest categories, e.g. toilets, elevators, exits, parking lots, restaurants, and others. These categories can be further defined in the administration. Based on a user's current location, the app always finds the nearest representative of the given category (e.g. the nearest elevator) and takes you to it by the shortest possible (optimal) route.

Users now have the possibility to set up Webex specifications directly under a touchONE-assist account (section 'Settings' - subsection 'Integrations'). From the interface users can also log in directly to a Webex profile and connect the applications. The subsection 'Integrations' allows the user to set default values and other useful parameters for all Webex meetings.

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