CTouch debuts Teams compatible touchscreens

CTouch has launched its CTouch for Teams Go and For Teams Talk systems, providing a connection between Microsoft Teams environments and interactive touchscreens, including secured authentication to access Microsoft Teams channels and documents on-screen in a meeting room without using a personal device.

CTouch for Teams Go allows users to collaborate via a digital whiteboard or use Office 365 documents, with CTouch for Teams Talk allowing users working from home to see other users in a meeting room. The advanced whiteboard features allow users to place digital sticky notes with text recognition also being available.

The touchscreens are also part of CTouch’s corporate Brix range, using the touchscreen as a platform that can be upgraded to a Brix solution when needed, with a unified user interface across the range.

Room booking features are also available, allowing users to book a room via Outlook or Microsoft Teams and using the touchscreen to check room availability.

Credentials can be verified by a mobile device without other users in the room seeing passwords. An integrated web browser is provided, allowing users to write down notes while using the browser and playing video content.

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