Crystal Vision releases video distribution amplifiers

Crystal Vision is shipping its 3GDA-VF and VDA-VF video distribution amplifiers for its recently launched Vision frame system.

The 3GDA-VF and VDA-VF offer the highest number of outputs within the manufacturer’s video distribution amplifier line. Each amplifier includes a remote control as standard.

The 3GDA-VF amplifier can be configured as reclocking or non-reclocking, and will distribute any digital video (3Gb/s, HD and SD), and is also DVB-ASI compatible.

Featuring gain, equalisation and clamp adjustments, the VDA-VF analogue video distribution amplifier has been designed to distribute SD Black and Burst or HD tri-level syncs reference, and can also be used to create multiple copies of analogue video.

Suited to multi-standard environments, the 3GDA-VF can distribute 3Gb/s, HD, SD and DVB-ASI sources. It can additionally be used to distribute MADI audio, allowing several channels of audio to be transported down a single coax cable while supporting the AES10 standard payload of 64 channels at a sampling rate of 48 kHz.

The VDA-VF can also be used to distribute SD analogue composite or HD or SD analogue component video, with its main application being for the distribution of SD Black and Burst or HD tri-level syncs reference. It also offers gain adjustments of +/-3dB in 0.1dB steps, a clamp and high quality equalisation to correct distortion to the analogue signal caused by up to 300m of cable length.

Using standard BNCs, the 3GDA-VF provides six outputs from the VR20 single slot rear module and 12 outputs from the VR15 double slot rear module. Both the 3GDA-VF and VDA-VF measure 96mm x 325mm.

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