Crystal Vision launches profanity delay system

Crystal Vision has released its audio and video profanity delay system, Cleanit, allowing a live content stream to be delayed for up to 20 seconds in HD (ten seconds in 3Gb/s or 110 seconds in SD), allowing an operator to react and prevent broadcast of unwanted or offensive video or audio material such as expletives, obscene gestures, wardrobe malfunctions, technical problems and more. ​

Control is provided by a smart button box or computer GUI, with options available for either manual or automatic operation of the cover/uncover functions.

Based on the Crystal Vision Indigo range of products and frames, Cleanit is available in four versions: Cleanit 1, Cleanit 2, Cleanit 3 and Cleanit Custom.

Cleanit 1 features audio cover that allows the operator to mute and shuffle up to 16 channels of embedded audio to mask unwanted content.

Cleanit 2 is designed for video and discrete audio, with its audio cover feature allowing for audio mute or shuffle of eight channels of 110-ohm AES or four channels of analogue audio.

Cleanit 3 is designed for audio and video cover with audio mute or shuffle of up to 16 channels of audio with a video freeze or black option.

Cleanit Custom is available for additional functionality, allowing for the insertion of a graphic, audio file or clean switching to another source, with users able to get extra video outputs in the same or different formats.

Cleanit Custom also allows for programme synchronisation, additional delay or use of a 75-ohm AES or fibre input or output, custom designed to meet the user’s requirements.

Each Cleanit model will fit in a desk top box, with up to three in a 1U frame or six in a 2U frame.

Cleanit can also be operated from a web browser through VisionWeb, a free GUI that can be run on any device connected to the same network which allows for the setting of delay timings, activation of audio and video covers as well as providing feedback status of when the system has been initiated and when it returns to normal operation.

An SBB-4 smart button box can also be used for live operation, featuring LCD graphics to display text and colour indications of function and status.

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