Crown Audio releases XTi 2 Series of amplifiers

Crown Audio has released the XTi 2 Series of amplifiers in an effort to provide increased control, an enhanced feature set and sleeker design.

The series provides a suite of integrated speaker processing and removes the need for external crossovers, limiters, and EQs.

The XTi 2 features enhanced control with Crown’s PeakX Plus limiters. The limiters are derived from the same framework as those found in I-Tech HD and the new XLS DriveCore Series amplifiers allowing users to manipulate threshold, attack and release times. A subharmonic synthesizer offers more accurate control over which frequencies are targeted and can be tailored for a specific system or room setup.

Users now have Advanced Thermal Control giving them the ability to tailor the fan performance to their specific application. XTi 2 also increases the amount of presets a user can save and recall from 20 to 30. A new status section on the amplifier allows for the monitoring of power supply temperature and AC line voltage.

XTi 2 amplifiers are compatible with HiQnet Band Manager software. The application provides a redesigned function-driven interface, which has been re-skinned to simplify system setup and management while enabling audio professionals, musicians, and engineers to configure and control a rack of Crown XTi and now XTi 2 series amplifiers.

The amplifiers now feature integrated rack handles and an enhanced cast front panel that is more durable. The XTi 2 1002, 2002, and 4002 weigh 18.5lbs and the XTi6002 weighs in at 24lbs.

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