Crowd Mics debuts The Atom

Crowd Mics, a a manufacturer of wireless microphone technology, has announced The Atom.

The network device is designed to bridge the gap between the WiFi network and the sound system.

"By using the Atom we can minimise restrictive network configurations and enable Crowd Mics audio to be used in more places than was previously considered," said Tim Holladay, Co-Founder and CEO.

"Not only will the Atom allow for wider use cases, but it also makes for improved audio performance."  It is being designed for usage in large conference rooms, video conference calls, school lecture halls, and more.

Crowd Mics-enabled rooms via the Atom allows users to host and join sessions.  To connect users have to join the correct WiFi, launch the Crowd Mics app on iOS or Android device, and oin the appropriate session from the menu list.  Once connected they can also participate with polling and text commenting.

The Atom connects to the wired network and to the sound system.

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