Crestron upgrades Cameo keypads

Crestron has upgraded its Cameo range of keypads with new button configurations, different colours and the Cameo Express line.

The keypads offer customisable system design options. Split-button designs provide the option for an additional two buttons per keypad and increased scope for customisation. The extra buttons are suited for adjusting audio volume or light dimming which frees up space for extra presets for lighting zones or audio sources.

Auto-dimmable backlit text and enhanced LED feedback offer real-time status indications of button functions while enabling occupants to easily read the button in any lighting design.

Cameo flush mounted keypads install easily in a drywall cutout and do not require a gang box. The built-in Verisport control ports enable local connection of devices such as Crestron GLS Occupancy Sensors and Photocells, contact closures and other solutions.

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