Crestron unveils new product range at ISE 2019

Crestron has revealed a variety of new products at ISE 2019.

The latest additions to the DM NVX encoder/decoder series bring ‘pixel perfect processing technology’ – a free firmware update for existing Crestron DM NVX units.

The E30 network AV encoder, 352 encoder/decoder and D30 decoder support PoE+, RS-232 and IR.

Crestron also launched its USB-EXT-DM compatibility, allowing a user to mix USB EXT-DM USB extenders with DM NVX systems.

The DM NVX Director can switch routes interchangeably from DM NVX to USB EXT-DM and vice versa, also permitting the use of a USB EXT-DM for locations that require a USB but do not require video.

The DM 4KZ scaler supports 4KZ (4K60 4:4:4 HDR), functioning as a DM receiver, 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video scaler and control interface.

The 4KZ scaler features a single HDMI output and an analogue audio output, as well as Ethernet, RS-232, IR and relay control ports.

The DMC-CPU3 uses 3 Series network security and Crestron XIO cloud connectivity on the DM chassis, replacing the DM-CPU2 which is being phased out by Crestron.

The HD-RX-4K-510-X-E DM Lite can be paired with an MPC3 or TSW touch screen, accepting multiple TX inputs.

The new DM Lite product also includes an amp, scaler and built-in AV Framework technology, as well as three DM Lite inputs, two HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, two audio outputs, display control, RS-232, IR and CEC.

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