Crestron highlights new product categories for hybrid meeting spaces

Creston has updated its digital workplace portfolio with new desk scheduling, scalable audio and an all-in-one collaboration bar.

The largest expansion of the Crestron digital worplace portfolio to date, the range introduces Crestron Desk Q and Desk Touch for desk scheduling. 

The Desk Q and Desk Touch enble a seamless desk scheduling experience, with the Desk Q featuring QR-code based reservations for community workstations, hot desks and hoteling. 

The Desk Touch features a touch interface for use in semi-private offices, cubicles and stand-up spaces. 

The new additions include Flex Pods, a scalable tabletop wireless microphone and speaker platform, as well as the Videobar 70, a collaboration bar for Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms and BYOD meeting spaces. 

Crestron Flex Pods add tabletop audio to meeting spaces without being confined to fixed in-ceiling microphones or speakers, featuring a wireless receiver that is connected to the room UC device for wireless communication with up to four Crestron Flex Pods that can be placed throughout the room. 

Flex Pods can be deployed s part of a Crestron Flex or AirMedia wireless collaboration kit or standalone to integrate with existing Crestron Flex C kits, AirMedia receivers or other BYOD systems. 

The Videobar 70 can be used for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms and other BYOD services in medium to large meeting rooms. 

Built-in UC computing is included alongside features that capture participants vividly. Four cameras work together to crop for the best image, ensuring that the speaker is well-framed up to nine metres away. 

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