Crestron gives the Green Light

Crestron has announced its new RoomView Green Light enterprise management software designed to help corporations, schools and builders drastically reduce energy consumption and meet global carbon reduction targets.

RoomView Green Light enables simple control, management and monitoring of an organisation's environmental systems in every room of every building worldwide from an easy-to-use interface.
On any touchpanel or browser, an assortment of charts, gauges, metres and graphs displays multiple real-time views of baseline and current energy consumption. Managers can easily monitor and analyse utility metres, occupancy status, CO2 levels and more by room, energy source, appliance/device, time period, and other modes, while calculating and displaying the performance of on-site renewable sources.
A wide selection of menu options allows convenient, finely-tuned control of every device in any room, building or landscaping. Facility managers can adjust or activate lighting scenes, thermostats, blinds and AV equipment with the touch of a button. Scheduling capabilities, such as turning outdoor lights on and off according to an astronomical clock, make it possible to automatically trigger events so human intervention is not required.

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