Crestron dual-camera speaker tracking system now Zoom certified

Crestron has announced that its Hawk dual-camera speaker tracking system is now certified for Zoom.

The Hawk™ Dual-Camera Speaker Tracking Solution (IV CAMHK 12 SLVR 1B) is now certified for Zoom Rooms® software with the Inogeni™ 4KXUSB3 converter for camera control.

 The Hawk dual-camera, IV CAMHK 12 SLVR 1B, is a participant tracking system that uses two HD PTZ cameras to automatically cut to whoever is speaking in the room in small or medium sized rooms.

The camera is designed to optimise video conferencing, recording or streaming by using the IV CAMHK 12 SLVR 1B camera with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, Cisco WebEx, MediaSite or Panopto.

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