Crestron debuts Vector Loudspeakers at InfoComm 2017

Crestron has introduced its Vector performance loudspeakers, which are specifically designed for use in large commercial spaces, such as auditoriums, lecture halls, and divisible rooms.

Vector is a line of loudspeakers, starting with a 6-in coaxial up to 12-in and 15-in models, and includes dual 18-in subwoofers for high-impact systems.

Vector features a coaxial transducer design for speech reinforcement and media reproduction in enterprise environments.

Vector performance loudspeakers are designed to work with Avia DSPs and Avia Audio Tool. Using the specialised signal processing within Avia DSPs, rather than crossover networks, reduces harsh-sounding resonances and sound coloration caused by horn reflections, while retaining nuances of the original signal.

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