Crestron announces virtual in-room control system

Crestron Electronics has bolstered its room control portfolio with the software-based scalable VC-4 virtual control system.

VC-4 can support up to 500 spaces on a single server and enables mass deployment of customised or standardised configurations with the press of a button.

Crestron VC-4 enables IT specialists to design and configure a room’s UC, AV, and control technologies, save those configurations, and then automate them quickly. It is integrated with standard programming languages, including C# for IT and SIMPL for AV professionals.

Native SIMPL integration brings complete parity to certified Crestron programmers. The standards-based design works seamlessly with Crestron products and systems including Flex digital workplace technology and DigitalMedia content distribution. VC-4 also comes equipped with the XiO Cloud technology operations management platform, providing device lifecycles management, control, and remote support.

The standards-based, service-oriented architecture of VC-4 also enables IT teams to use existing IT infrastructure for redundancy and fault tolerance and as an on-premises solution, it supports enterprise-grade security protocols. All functionality on VC-4 is executed from the server and not in the public cloud, which enables local data storage and greater control over security patches and server maintenance with cloud-based firmware updates as well.

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