Crestron announces ballast control tools

Crestron has announced the new DIN-DALI-2 DALI interface, which supports two DALI channels and enables control of up to 128 individual DALI ballasts.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is the highly efficient, energy saving protocol that creates "smart" ballasts for fluorescent lighting fixtures. The DIN-DALI-2 enables direct, 2-way network connectivity between a Crestron 2-Series and a DALI-compliant ballast. It communicates with the Crestron control system via Cresnet or Ethernet, greatly simplifying network configuration.
Designed specifically for the DIN-DALI-2, the Crestron DALI commissioning software tool simplifies and expedites system setup. The intuitive menu-driven wizard provides step-by-step configuration of ballast properties, groups, and scenes. Guided by the software, simply set the ballast address and check connectivity status, edit minimum/maximum levels and fade time, and change ballast groupings and scenes. This powerful software makes ballast replacement straightforward through automatic identification of new hardware IDs. Settings from old ballasts are transferred to replacements with just a few mouse clicks, saving time and eliminating guess work and frustration.

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