Coolux takes Pandoras Box to Version 5

Coolux has released Version 5 of its Pandoras Box show control family, allowing the use of Pandoras Box from the inception of a project idea up to production.

A video export option allows users to export entire scenes as HD video and providing the flexibility of a real-time editing system. For live video ingest users can now record and capture from any live input source up to 2K/HD.

With the Aeon FX shader effects Engine, users can create and combine a large number of effects. All effects and animations are automatically synchronised across the system network.

FireFly allows for the creation of elaborate real-time particle effects in an interactive 3D compositing space. Various emitters can be setup and applied with forces such as wind and gravity.

The new QUAD Server and QUAD Player workstations offer users up to four independent HD DVI outputs with built-in EDID Management.

Pandoras Box Manager Software now supports ASIO audio interfaces and offers synchronised multi-channel audio playback.

On the hardware side, the new members of coolux product family include a number of new server types streamlined for dedicated applications, in addition to hardware based Pandoras Box Player turnkey solutions.

The Pandoras Box Dual Server

• 2x DVI/VGA Output
• 4x Full HD Playback
• Optional SDI/DVI Input Boards

This server type is a multi-purpose system that can be used for projects in numerous markets including the event, theater, broadcast, touring and installation sector.

The Pandoras Box Quad Server

• 4x DVI Output
• Advanced EDID Management
• 8x Full HD Playback
• Optional SDI/DVI Input Boards

The QUAD Server systems are suitable for projects that require multiple outputs, such as . large scale panoramic projections, interactive digital signage projects and fixed installations

The Pandoras Box Broadcast Server

• 2x 3G/HD SDI Output
• 2x HD-SDI Input
• Genlock/Framelock I/O
• Optional SDI/DVI Input Boards

Following the huge success of the coolux Pandoras Box Player software, the new QUAD and DUAL Player hardware systems combine the versatility of the Player software only solution with multiple outputs and industry leading graphics power. Both the QUAD and the DUAL Player are perfectly suited for permanent installations and high definition multimedia displays.

The Pandoras Box DUAL Player

• 2 Independent Full HD Outputs
• 4x Full HD Playback

The Pandoras Box QUAD Player

• 4 Independent Full HD Outputs
• EDID Management
• 8x HD 720p Playback

In addition to these very powerful hardware systems, it is worth mentioning that the new Pandoras Box Player LT offers a very cost effective solution for basic video and projection displays. This synchronised digital signage Player completes the software-only Player family, which is now available as either LT, STD or PRO.

The Pandoras Box Editor

The Pandoras Box Editor is an advanced real-time rendering system, that combines non-linear editing and 3D compositing tools. It enables designers and content creators alike to harness the creative powers of the award winning Pandoras Box product family without the need to buy any additional hardware processors.

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