Coolux bolsters visualisation in Pandoras Box 5.7

Coolux has added a feature for visualising stage, installation or show setups, in real-time and using 3D models, in Pandoras Box Software Version 5.7.

The company will showcase the software at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam to show how the “Venue Sites” feature allows media content to be pre-programmed per output and can then be routed to different 3D models.

Operators can use a real-time compositing environment as a complete whole to simulate video projectors virtually, using a light projection approach.

Media content and content compositing can be used independently from the visualised 3D scenes.

“Venue Sites” also allows test and simulation of media installations. Pandoras Box version 5.7 includes a re-designed text editor through which different font styles can now be used within a single text asset.

An automatic horizontal and vertical scrolling capability is also part of the tool’s latest developments.

When working with the new text editor, one can use and add an unlimited amount of text to a continuous text stream.

The upgrade makes it possible to input ASIO sound and HD-SDI embedded audio, allowing users to route, delay and record ASIO inputs.

Sound data can be used on ASIO tracks and programmed to the timeline, including different delays for different output signal chains.

Audio inputs can now be arranged on any Pandoras Box timeline, or can alternatively be triggered via external commands.

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