Connector system battles dust and water

Neutrik has upgraded its fibre optic connector system with IP65 rating for dust and water jet protection. The company claims the improved OpticalCon system now has extended outdoor and indoor capabilities.

To achieve an IP65 connection, additional seals and gaskets have been employed on the chassis connector and cable ends.

An IP65 rated upgrade kit enables the original OpticalCon system to be combined with the upgraded NO2-4FDW chassis connector or NAO2-4S75W coupler. The new cable ends are backwards compatible and work with existing chassis installations.

The new system is based on a standard optical LC-Duplex connection. An SMPTE-version1 has been optimised for broadcast applications, which provides an additional ground-shell contact.

In order to create a simplified installation, a conventional LC-Duplex connector can be connected on the rear, which causes the chassis connector to act as a “feed-through”. The OpticalCon cable connector comes pre-assembled with a choice of three mobile field cables, which can be ordered at various lengths.

The OpticalCon also features a rugged connection, all metal housing and heavy-duty cable retention. OpticalCon uses conventional LC connectors and has a push-pull locking mechanism. In addition, coloured labelling plates are included to identify the fibre mode.

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