Compact gateway cards from Teracue

Teracue has introduced new, compact DVB-IPTV headend gateway cards designed for DVB-IPTV networking of radio and TV.

The professional DVB/IP gateway cards multiple functions as a pure hardware solution:

- Network transmission and IP ingest of TV and radio channels
- Transmission of DVB signals in original SD/HD quality
- Handling of all DVB-S/S2 satellite, DVB-C cable, DVB-T and ASI signals
- Decoding of pay TV: as standard with CI slot, for CAM with smart card
- Compact IPTV headend solution
- 8 cards in 19” 4RU plug-in frame with redundant power supply

DVB gateways are often used by broadcasting centres, editorial departments and publishing houses to provide their employees with television directly to their workplace PC.

In addition, DVB gateways are used where live TV and radio are required through the network such as for hotel TV and patient TV applications.

The DMM series consists of a 19" x 4RU frame, by standard with redundant power supply. The chassis holds up to 8 DMM cards which can be hot-swapped and hot-plugged during operation. The configuration of the DVB-IPTV headend for different DVB input signals can be freely selected and different input cards can be combined.

All components are developed for continuous operation. The cards are extremely robust without moving parts, such as fans or hard drives. DMM cards are easy to configure via the network using software as well as locally with an optional plug-in control panel. In addition, SNMP management and monitoring is supported.

The output streams are based on the open MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC formats, conform to ISO/IEC standards. Thus the modules are compatible with cost-effective standard IPTV set-top boxes, such as the Amino 130 series with HDMI output, or the VLC player. Multicast/unicast, SPTS/MPTS and UDP/RTP streaming are supported.

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