Community ups processing power with dSPEC226

AUTHOR: Inavate

Community Professional Loudspeakers has released a loudspeaker processor, the dSPEC226, to configure, control and commission sound system installations.

It employs a SHARC DSP and a Xilinx Spartan FPGA. All models feature a four Input x six Output fixed-chain DSP architecture that includes two by six native analog I/Os. Various expansion cards are available to provide two additional analogue inputs, two AES3 dual-channel digital inputs, or eight CobraNet Inputs and Outputs. Additional expansion cards will become available as new digital audio networking protocols gain market acceptance.

The dSPEC allows users to select from a library of Community loudspeakers and automatically assigns factory recommended lo-pass and hi-pass filters, corrective equalization (including 1024-points of FIR EQ via CONEQ), protective limiters and phase compensation. Additionally, dSPEC intelligently configures LF and HF outputs with optimal crossover slopes for bi-amplified loudspeaker models.

Loudspeakers not manufactured by Community are easily accommodated by selecting from the rich palette of processing functions that include numerous crossover types, comprehensive protective limiters, and 20 configurable filters on each of the six output channels.

CONEQ Acoustic Power corrective algorithms is Real Sound Lab's automated loudspeaker equalization technology. It provides 1024 bands of low latency FIR equalization that flatten the Acoustic Power Response of the selected Community loudspeaker(s).

Other capabilities include an Amplifier Calibration Port that measures the output characteristics of each amplifier in the system to precisely calibrate dSPEC's three discreet stages of limiters (peak, program & long term).