Community unveils column line-array

AUTHOR: Inavate

Community has introduced ENTASYS, a new three-way full-range column line-array loudspeaker system that delivers true line-array performance in a compact weather-resistant package.

Designed for permanent installation applications the system offers high output and high power handling capability that the company says outperforms comparable systems, boasting multiple low frequency, midrange and high-frequency drivers for the most consistent, lobe free, coverage available, and delivering a uniform, constant vertical beam width from 800 Hz – 16 kHz.

Each column includes six low frequency neodymium drivers, eighteen 2.35” midrange drivers and six 7” long x 1” wide planar-coupled patent pending Compact Ribbon Emulator (CRE) high frequency elements. The line is designed to be modular, with multiple columns used to create extremely narrow focused vertical coverage previously only possible using powered, steered arrays.

All ENTASYS systems are available from the factory in black or white finishes, with each individual enclosure featuring a compact 5-½ inch wide by 7-3/8-inch deep “teardrop” shaped footprint and standing 44-½ inches tall. A range of mounting brackets is available to fit nearly every installation design.