Community releases ENTASYS 200 models

Community has released ENTASYS 200 small format column line array loudspeakers, utilising a two-way design, complex frequency shaded LF crossover networks, and "ENTASYS" convex-curve HF.

ENTASYS 200 is a family of two-way column line-array loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor use.

There are four ENTASYS 200 models ranging from the smaller ENT203 and ENT206, designed for delay fill and confined spaces, to the larger ENT212, and the extended-length ENT220, which can provide solid control of the LF beamwidth without the need for additional columns or external LF extensions.

The models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All models include a 70V / 100V internal low-distortion autoformer for constant-voltage applications and a pan-and-tilt mounting bracket. The ENTASYS 200 loudspeakers are designed in an architectural compact shape and can be ordered in black or white finishes. The durable polymer enclosure can be painted by the installer.

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