Community launches new ceiling speaker line

Designed for high quality sound with wide, uniform coverage, the series debuts Community's Drop-Stop and Twist-Assist features, aimed at making the installation process easier, faster and safer.

The series comprises seven products, including five full-range, standard-depth back-can models. The D4 is a 60W, 4.5-inch model; the D5 and D6 are 5- and 6-inch 100W models; the D8 is an 8-inch, 150W design, and the D10 is a 10-inch, 200W model.
The Drop-Stop feature provides spring-loaded legs to support the back-can on the included rails and C-ring, so the installer no longer needs to hold the can against the tile while tightening the clamps.
Twist-Assist performs a similar function for the baffle assembly: when the loudspeaker back-cans are pre-installed into a conduit system for later termination, a simple twist of the baffle into the back-can brings the Twist-Assist clips together, supporting the baffle assembly while the installer fastens the screws. 
Also available is the D4LP, a low-profile, shallow back-can model that is 3.6” (92mm) deep, for installations where available depth is limited. Completing the range is the D10SUB, a 200W 10-inch subwoofer that provides LF reinforcement for entertainment applications. 

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