Community launches I SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600

Community has expanded its I SERIES family with the IV6 Modular Vertical Array 600 system.

Designed for installed indoor or outdoor applications, IV6 is a scalable, adaptive sound reinforcement system featuring wide-dispersion IV6-1122 array elements (12-in, 2-way) available in two complementary vertical coverage angle versions (5° and 15°). 

The single 18-in IV6-118S subwoofer can be flown above or behind any array to provide additional low frequency impact.

Built-in Passive Acoustic Optimization (PAO) settings on the rear of each loudspeaker allow up to 55 different frequency response profiles to be independently selected for each element in the array, providing SPL and frequency response consistency throughout a listening area without requiring additional amplifiers or DSP channels. 

Community’s exclusive PAO module included within EASE Focus 3 software quickly calculates the ideal PAO settings for each loudspeaker.

Community has collaborated with audio rigging manufacturer Polar Focus to design a variety of colour-matched array frames that integrate with Polar Focus’ wide variety of install-friendly array-to-structure hardware. 

IV6 loudspeakers are available in textured black or white finishes for indoor applications, and may also be ordered in weather-resistant versions featuring Community’s PolyGlas enclosures and optional powder-coated stainless-steel hardware for outdoor applications. 

All IV6 loudspeakers are made in the USA at Community’s headquarters in Chester, Pennsylvania and will begin shipping in January 2018. 

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