Community expands R-Series

Community Professional Loudspeakers has expanded application possibilities for its R-Series with the addition of eight loudpseaker models.

Three new compact models, the R.15COAX, R.35COAX, and R.35-3896 join five new R-MAX products: the R.5-66MAX, R.5-96MAX, R2-64MAX, R2-66MAX, and R2-94MAX.

The R.15COAX and R.35COAX use identical 1.25-inch exit HF compression drivers, featuring Community’s Tru-Phase phase plug technology, and Carbon Ring Cone woofer technology.

Both models feature front loaded LF drivers: 6.5” in the R.15COAX and 10” in the R.35COAX. 

The R.35-3896 is a triaxial eight inch Carbon Ring Cone loudspeaker featuring Community’s MultiSource Waveguide technology, integrating the output from dual midrange compression drivers and a one inch exit HF compression driver into a single coherent source. Fully passive, it is voiced for flat musical reproduction without EQ.
R-MAX loudspeakers feature 1.4” exit HF drivers and 600W neodymium woofers. R-MAX delivers well behaved coverage patterns, flat frequency response, high intelligibility and high broadband output. 

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