Comm-Tec takes on Middle Atlantic lectern

Comm-Tec has taken on Middle Atlantic's L5 Series Lectern for education and corporate environments.

Each lectern features a customisable Presenter’s Panel that can be designed with cutouts to incorporate the controls, touchscreens and other devices.

The Lectern is suitable for network-connected presentations, or individual presentations via laptop connection. 

It has an open frame design that features built-in power distribution and provisions for both cable and thermal management.

The inner steel rack structure ships directly from warehouse and the outer surfaces are shipped separately to the installation site or shop.

Installers can choose from one bay, 1.5 bay or dual bay widths and 13 standard finishes. An
optional millwork kit includes detailed drawings for a custom millworker to construct custom
wood panels and all hardware necessary for their attachment to the core structure. 

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