Coda launches 3-way APS

Coda Audio launched a 3-way Arrayable Point Source System (APS) at the Prolight + Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt.

The main element of the system is a 2 x 10-in 3-way arrayable APS loudspeaker that is joined by the APS-SUB, an 18-in high output compact subwoofer. The APS and APS-SUB are driven by Coda Linus amplification and can be ground-stacked or flown. APS can be used for small to medium applications or as a supplement to larger applications and suitable for touring rental companies and installers.

Coada also introduced T-Rack amplification products at the Frankfurt show. Each T-Rack comprises three Linus14, a four-channel DSP, network, comparator and amplifier. 

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