Cobranet modules added to digital audio range

Whirlwind has introduced the CI8L input module and CO8a output modules adding CobraNet connectivity to its range.

The CI8L is an input module that converts 8 analog line level audio inputs to CobraNet digital networked data. The CI8L is also available in a 2-channel line level input module, the Whirlwind CI2L.
The CI8L is Whirlwind's 8-channel CobraNet line level input module. Use it to convert line level analog audio into professional quality digital audio, for distribution over CobraNet digital networks. The CI8L can be temporarily or permanently connected to the CobraNet network, anywhere network access and AC power are available. Connect any line level source such as mixer matrix or aux outputs, speaker system crossover outputs, or surround sound processor outputs and instantly send them throughout the CobraNet digital audio network.

Whirlwind has also introduced the CO8a output module. The CO8a converts CobraNet digital networked data to 8 analog line level channels of audio. The CO2a, a 2-channel version of the CO8a, is also available.
The CO2a is Whirlwind's 2-channel CobraNet output module. Use it to provide networked digital audio wherever a 2-channel feed is required such as direct to an amp rack, feeding powered speaker arrays, stereo background music, paging systems and multimedia presentations.

You can even use it as a quick CobraNet test device! Just plug it into the network, select the CobraNet bundle to be received and pick two channels from within that bundle.

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