Clockaudio launches wireless conferencing system

Clockaudio has introduced the CW-200 dual channel wireless conferencing system.

The CW-200 is designed for elementary, occasional or portable conferencing applications. The system comprises two boundary microphone transmitter units and a dual channel UHF receiver. Receiver and transmitter are operable over 32 selectable frequencies for each channel, and feature auto scan and lock to provide transmission on an available interference-free frequency. Adjustable ‘Noise-Lock’ squelch and RFI shielding technology negate environmental RF noise and signal interference.

The transmitter units are of die cast metal construction with non-slip silicon underpads, which minimize vibration. Two half-cardioid electret capsules in each transmitter enable each unit to provide coverage for 2/3 delegates at the table. Infrared upload from the transmitters to the receiver sync power on/off and frequency selection settings made from the control and display mount on top of the transmitter units. The multi-function LCD displays on the transmitter unit enable monitoring of frequency selection and signal conditions, and controls on the receiver can be locked out. The receiver features both XLR balanced stereo outs and an unbalanced mixed ¼ inch jack output. A rack mounting kit for the receiver is included.

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