Clevertouch updates presentation software

Clevertouch has launched its new generation presentation software, LYNX 5, which will be included in the full range of Clevertouch interactive touchscreens.

Designed to replace Cleverlynx, existing Clevertouch users can upgrade to the latest software free of charge directly from their Clevertouch devices (Plus, V Series & Pro models only) or using an attached PC.  
Lynx 5 is five times faster than previous versions, and comes new features including a media manager, condensed tools menu, lesson dashboard and it can read a wide range of previously incompatible file formats associated with other touchscreen brands.
Using the media manager teachers can embed videos directly into lessons, without the content opening in an external browser. Video files from YouTube or live webcam can be annotated over and incorporated into lessons, and actions such as printing or importing PowerPoint files are quicker than before.
The lesson dashboard makes it easier for teachers to find recent lessons, open multiple lessons simultaneously and switch between lessons. It also features a new profanity filter built into the software, so schools have greater peace of mind that inappropriate language will be blocked from imported content.
Updates for the new software will be shown on the Lynx 5 home screen via real time Twitter feed ensuring that users never miss out on news, software updates and fixes.  Lynx 5 also supports Ultra HD 4K resolution content.

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