Clevertouch unveils 4K interactive touchscreen

Clevertouch has launched its Impact Plus 4K interactive touchscreen, featuring mirroring with touch-back on up to fifty devices at one time and built-in teacher controls to ensure information can be checked and shared.

The Impact Plus is also platform agnostic to allow teachers to upload and share content across devices along with the inclusion of instant messaging, video, voice and desktop sharing for collaboration purposes.

Mobile device management (MDM) is featured, allowing IT departments to update and manage a suite of Clevertouch devices from one point, deploying apps and updating settings simultaneously. 

Mobile devices can be used to control the Impact Plus for close proximity remote operation with artificial intelligence support included for online learning and training for pupils. 

Licenses for Clevertouch’s education software package, Snowflake and Lynx are also included, with cloud log-ins to allow users to prepare lesson activities and share lesson content. 

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