Clevertouch releases ClevertouchLive digital signage CMS

Clevertouch has released ClevertouchLive, a new digital signage content management system.

ClevertouchLive is a cloud-based software enabling customers to manage all their Clevertouch devices from a single content management platform. It is comprised of digital signage, room booking and interactive collaboration panels.

With ClevertouchLive users can:

·       Connect and manage all their devices from a single cloud account

·       Personalise their dashboards to access the features they use most frequently

·       Customise the User Interface based on the functionality of their connected devices

·       Manage Meeting Rooms

·       Collaborate and push content to all signage and interactive screens

The user interface features of ClevertouchLive include:

·       Drag & Drop Content Editor

·       Template Editor

·       Design Creation Tools

·       Instant Messaging

·       Emergency Alert Messaging

·       Scheduling of messages

Inspired by the challenges over the past 12 months, a range of non-touch features have been included within the CMP to encourage engagement and interaction with audiences using their own personal devices.

·       Interactive QR Code Display

·       Content Triggering from personal Mobile Devices

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